This represents me because i love wearing hats. Also, I collect hats and have cool ones. I feel like they represent because I play baseball. Another is I feel better when I’m wearing them. Each represents something different about me.

To get inspiring

  1.  One way to get inspired is to go watch a movie.
  2. Also go explore flckers page
  3. Try learning a new lighting
  4. join a photo walk and take pictures
  5. Get inspired by looking at other blogs
  6. you could also go through CD covers
  7. Also listen to your favorite music to get ideas
  8. take a photo a day to see your process and get better
  9. read a magazine and see the art
  10. shooting at a sporting event is always fun
  11. Do a 360 where your and shoot what you find interesting
  12. shoot a holiday theme shoot
  13. also recreate a famous photo
  14. shoot a model or someone you like
  15. don’t be to hard on yourself
  16. go to a art show
  17. make yourself a challenge to see your abilities
  18. also shoot your family to be more comfortable
  19. Take pictures of your favorite food
  20. finally shoot a family event
Hardworking, Fun, Cool, Honest , funny , productive, friendly, nice, Skilled, wise, talented , trustworhty

Am I am talking to Myself

My Inspiration I love playing baseball Also, baseball is played by 18 people I’ve been playing baseball since I was 5 Also, I thought these was a good idea All of me is playing a position I play with my brothers I have a twin so I could talk to myself there is a catcher pitcher and hitter.

Painting with light

I liked how they created a body out of lights. Also, it looks like students made these photos. The lights are really cool in the picture. Also it looks like they have powers and are combining them together.


  1. The main difference between Raw and JPEG is raw files are 6 times bigger than JPEG and raw filles contain a much greater amount of data.
  2. raw file is bigger and contains more data
  3. Most raw files change to JPEG but if you could change it just to stay raw
  4. I Would shoot in both because you could save both files and could get the JPEG right away

Aaron Siskind

I like the shapes in the p[ictures with the shapes being a a shape. Also the black and white just make the picture better. Also the contrast on the black is good.


It looks they are having a conversation about the safety of the school and how to keep safe.
FRANCE. Paris. 15th arrondissement The Quai de Javel. Plasterers. 1932.

USA. Chicago, Illinois. 1966. Muhammad ALI (formerly Cassius CLAY) shows off his right fist. ©Thomas Hoepker/Magnum Photos

He looks he is happy to support cancer awareness in October while walking through the halls.
They are talking about how to get better pictures and what to shoot.
He is walking up the stairs looking fresh going back to his class
She is chilling waiting for friend to meet her