My collage is old the things the love. I have a Kendrick Lamar album cover because he is one of my favorite artist and I recently went to his concert. Also I like Kanye west he is also one of my favorite artist. Dodger stadium is one of my favorite places to be because i enjoy being there. Also one of my favorite players from the dodgers is Clayton Kershaw. Another sport I watch is UFC and I love watching because of excitement of anything could happen at any moment. Two of my favorite fighters are Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. I also watch Formula and my favorite racer is Max Verstappen from Red Bull. Call of Duty in my opinion is the greatest game ever created. I love watching Anime and my favorites anime is Naruto, Attack On Titan, and Demon slayer. But Breaking bad is also one the greatest shows I watched.

25 facts of DSLR Cameras

  1. the better the lens the better the photo
  2. prime lens one focal length
  3. zoom lens variable focal length
  4. kit lens comes with the camera
  5. 300 mm is more zoomed in
  6. 75mm is more zoomed out
  7. 300mm is more for wildlife and sports
  8. 75mm is more for nature and street documentary
  9. 35-75mm is normal for any picture
  10. AF is autofocus
  11. MF is manual focus
  12. exposure could come from windows
  13. also from the sun
  14. higher ISO lets more light in
  15. Lower ISO  lets less light in
  16. use the lowest amount of ISO to avoid grain
  17. higher shutter speed for fast figures
  18. lower shutter speed for pictures
  19. shutter speed is how long the shutter is open
  20. the shutter in a camera is half a circle
  21. the shutter speed should be double your frame rate
  22. tripods are used for camera shake
  23. with a shutter speed lower than 1
  24. larger aperture more depth of field
  25. there is 4 different shooting modes

Portrait read and write

  1. Can manage to tell a story in picture.
  2. can show emotion in picture
  3. Need a good background
  4. need good lighting
  5. crop the image to make a portrait
  6. leave some space in the picture
  7. have a good angle
  8. add balance to the frame
  9. take your time with the picture
  10. focus on the face
  11. be able to feel the image
  12. know who your taking pictures for
  13. have natural light
  14. balance the image with the lighting
  15. focus on colors


1/15 sec; f/5.0; ISO 3200
1/60 sec; f/5.0; ISO 3200
1/60 sec; f/5.6; ISO 3200
1/60 f/5.0; ISO 1600
1/60 sec; f/5.0 ISO 3200
1/60 sec; f/5.0; ISO 3200



The detail and where this picture was taken is amazing. The angle in this picture is amazing. There is a leading line. The building in the picture is cool. The city lights make the picture light up. Water looks good in this picture. The plane makes this picture unique. The lights on bridge like up the picture. there is boats in the water. The wing of the plane drags you into the picture.




Exposure 1/200 sec f/8; ISO 100
Exposure 1/250 sec; f/10; ISO 100;
This is a really nice shadow. It shows a couple being in a shadow. The outline of the couple is really nice. Shadows could be into anything they want. The couple is holding hands in the shadow. Also the shape of their body looks nice, Another is the shadows both have different colors. The left is more darker. The right one is more lighter. Shadows are always different and can be everywhere.