Photography Career Tree

One career job I would choose is to be a commercial photographer. I would want to be a commercial photographer because you would be able to work with many brands. Also have a variety of things you’re shooting. Another is the pay may be very good.  you could work with brands like Nike or in the food industry like Mcdonalds.

Another career choice i would choose is a graphic designer. it would be cool to created my own images. I could use my imagination to created the best picture. I would be able to let the world know of my creations.

Finally i would also like it be a real estate photographer. There must be a lot of money involved. Also it seems like a interesting job to do. Take pictures of houses and the inside of them would be nice. Also, you could do many houses in one day;

John Gutmann

I chose to describe on the photographer John Gutmann. He is a 1937 photographer, mostly caught my eye and my interest on the photos he took on vehicles. He really gets angles on vehicles and zooms in on the back or front or side parts of the cars. His imagery is mostly calm relaxing photos that are during the daily life. some of his pictures could be so simple like the one below. theres just something so simple about a man looking at the window over a city, but yet it draws you in and you cant stop looking at it. most of his photos are in black and white. at the same time they have so much detail in them. Image result for john gutmann


i like the shadows in the picture. The composition in the photo is really good with the skateboard. Also the background is really good.
I want my viewer to see this post and to smile.
Im representing the company Hat Club the product is a hat The target audience is people that wear hats I would expect to see this on their social media. I used a dark setting to make the hat look better The only props I needed was the hat and the ledge I put it on.
I would like to visit New York because i love the culture and the big buildings.